LDpH LDpHRh LDsCL pH free chlorine, ozone, redox ( ORP ), peracetic acid, chlorine dioxide, bromine, hydrogen peroxyde, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, tracers, fluorine

Measuring dosing pumps AMS CO, VCL, VMS MF, AMS pH, AMS Rh, VMS MF, TMS MF, Centrifugal magnetic drive pumps, double membrane pumps, transfer pumps

Tanks, safety bunds, mixers, static mixers, water meter with pulse emitter, injection valves, suction lances, level probes, flow meters, magnetic descaler, probe holders

Measuring probe for free chlorine, total chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, peracetic acid, bromine, lack of chlorine, conductibility, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, fluorine, tracers, pH and Redox (ORP).

Solar / hydroelectric for renewable energy production. Allows for all of your devices to be powered and autonomous

Strumenti di regolazione Cloro, pH, Torbidità, Acido Peracetico, LDsCL, LDspH; LDpHCL, LDsRH, LDpHRH, LDsTORBH, LDpHTORBH, MAX 5, MTOWER, DIN Digital, J Digital, JC Digital